Methods, apparatus and systems for securely authenticating a person depending on context


Systems, methods and apparatus are described for securely authenticating a user at an appropriate level of security depending on context. A system embodiment includes a meta-wallet system platform, a user mobile device, and a plurality of entity computers. A meta-wallet processor receives a user authentication request from a user mobile device including a meta-wallet identifier, an entity identifier, a context identifier, and at least one of user biometric data, user personal assets data, and user social media data. The meta-wall processor then determines that the user is a registered meta-wallet user, defined at least one security protocol, and is engaging in a predetermined type of activity. A security protocol is then selected, and a determination made that a combination of personally identifiable assets data and user biometric data and/or user social media data matches stored data and satisfies the security protocol. The meta-wallet processor then transmits a user authentication confirmation message to the user mobile device and/or to an entity computer.